Every Child Deserves Education

There are thousands of underprivileged people, who do not have access to education. At the same time there are also plenty of philanthropists’ who fund millions of children, so that they can have access to education. I am thankful and also honored to receive scholarship at the Asian University for Women, Chittagong Bangladesh (AUW) to complete my bachelors; without such a financial support from AUW I may not have been able to continue my education. I am always inspired by people who are generous and help millions of children to get education; I always want to be one of them. To accomplish my dream I never miss any chance of voluntarily work and I try to help as many people as I can. This summer I am planning a project to teach slum children back in my country Pakistan with two of my friends. To accomplish this project I have talked to one of the local NGOs to provide us classrooms and luckily they have agreed. Moreover, I am also thankful to Professor Jim Henry for all his support and for providing us a digital camera to make a documentary on our project. Now, the problem is that we need some money to buy stationary and other requirements. I would really appreciate it if anyone can provide us some money to help those students. I and my friends are working as voluntaries and we ourselves are also donating some money, but we can’t effort to fulfill all requirements. I believe that while educating others we not only help one person, but also we help families. In my case, I feel empowered with all the knowledge and experience I am getting from AUW, which I can use to help not only myself but also my family and my community. I request you to kindly donate some money for our project, so that not only we but you will also have a great chance to help many less fortunate children to build their lives through education.atv1


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