Health campaigns at school to promote healthy habits in young generation

I am also optimistic about health campaigns at school to promote healthy habits in young generation. These kinds of health policies are beneficial to get sustainable and long term results because such programs are working on grass root level. Moreover, if children will have awareness about healthy lifestyle they will stay health and coming generations will adopt more and more health behaviors. To promote health campaigns at schools not only teachers can play their role but also parents can help their children to maintain healthy habits at home. It is a good saying that today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders; therefore, it is very important for government and for parents to be responsible about children’s health and their better lifestyle. Individual’s lifestyle is the fundamental pillar to stay health. Many communicable and some non communicable diseases can be prevented or may be delay due to healthy lifestyle and good behaviors. We need to emphasize on better lifestyle of children because they are in their learning stage of life and it is easy to change their habits and make them habitual to novel things. But it is challenging for government to change behaviors of elder people. In order to get better result in health promotion it is necessary that our young generation should be aware of healthy habits and they should also practice these healthy habits in their daily life. So schools are best places to promote health campaigns among children.


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