Homo Economicus and the Salem Witch Trails Franklin G. Mixon, Jr.

In this article author has tried to explain historical scenario to explain witch craft in Salem village. First of all he has explain the background of witch craft in Salem village, such as, few girls from village were catch illness and local physicians claim that they were affected by “Evil hand” so they can’t treat such illnesses. After that ministry of that village took responsibilities to deal with watch craft.  Then author has explained medical reasons behind this kind of diseases. He explained that egotism was caused this illness because most of the people in Salem village use rye as a food and fungus affect rye causes egotism. The interesting thing is that symptoms of witch craft and egotism are similar so it can be a valid reason but still few people are suspicious about this medical explanation. Then, author has explained about an economic interpretation behind witch craft in Salem village. According to author by the time church was given less importance by people so to maintain its power and wealth church has started to interpret things as witch craft. The main reason was to maintain its monopoly in Salem village. Finally, author has mention that few ministry and pother people start to rethink about these issues and eventually this controversial thing was diminish from that society.

The Witchcraft Trails in Salem: A Commentary

The author Douglas Linder has briefly described the witchcraft trails in Salem village. Initially few girls were ill and then they were diagnose as affected by witches then people start to believe on this unusual thing due to which many people were imprison and charge for being witches and others were even hang. Moreover, not only men and women were executed but also two dogs were executed as witches. By the time this hysteria of witchcraft was separate in whole village. Many researchers and thinkers of modern time are claiming that for personal benefits many people support witchcraft and it become common in that society. One reason can also be the poor justice system of that time because people just believed on stories, myths, and rumors and they arrested and imprison so many people. Finally, the main purpose of this article is to make separate awareness among people to get to know about such kinds of hysterias which can be effect us at any time. In addition to this, the purpose of this article is to think about the justice system of once country.


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