The Federal government will begin enforcing the International Health Regulations recommended by the World Health Organization.

The World Health Organization has imposed travel restrictions on Pakistan due to its failure in control of the Polio. To ensure immunization against Polio Pakistan has taken many new steps some of them are as follow. From June 1, 2014 government has started to implement its health policies. The advisory has been prepared to send to all provinces and public health departments monitoring mandatory vaccination of people. The provincial government is trying its best to ensure vaccination against Polio to everyone regardless of age, caste and creed.  All the public and international airports have their polio counters open and functioning 24 hours. All public hospitals have arranged proper sitting or waiting areas for people coming for vaccination. All vaccinated people have polio certificates which are mandatory for travelling. A person who has planned his foreign trip should get vaccinated four weeks before the date of departure and in case of emergency, can get it done at the airport. Government has allocated more funds and budget in this sector and health workers are working 24 hours to provide services to people. In addition to this, many other countries have all help Pakistan government to ensure Immunization to all its citizens.


I think that only providing vaccines to these people are not enough. First of all we should make people understand about the importance of vaccination and the harmful consequences of not using vaccines. In order to achieve better results we need to educate people and government should ensure free education for its citizens at least up to secondary level.


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