The Power of Unspoken World

Art has always played an important role in communicating themes through different visual representations which can be difficult to express through words. Most people consider artwork more powerful than written text because art is more open ended and provide enough room for multiple interpretations. I consider art exhibitions as open libraries where literature is present in the form of artwork. This paper will discuss a review of the group art exhibition In The Core, presented by Jog Art Space. On Sunday 27th April, 2014 at Haatkhola, a group of young artists present their artwork. The participating artists were Yuvray Zahed Chowdhury, Shaela Sharmin, Rezaul Karim Sumon, Shohrav Jahan, and Zihan Karim.

It was a small exhibition with some inspirational artworks. All artists have represented different themes and every artist has displayed multiple artworks with same theme. The artworks were display in different small rooms on white walls. The rooms were quite dark and artists have used small bulbs to light up every artwork which enhanced the beauty of artwork and creativity of the artists. Moreover, it also helped the viewers to focus on artworks. Most of the paintings were small, but some large paintings were also present. The series of thirteen drawings, “Comfortable Drawing” made by Shohrav Jahan were small in size. Then the photographs by Rezaul Karim Suman, “From an Untitled Album” were displayed on the adjacent wall of “Comfortable Drawing.” The photographs were large in size and in each frame has two photos of similar object with different themes. After that the artworks “Spider Man” by Zahed Ali Chowdhury Yuvraaj, were displayed against the white walls of the room. The most amazing artworks made by Shaela Sharmin Swaty “In Love With…” were presenting the love and intimacy between heterosexual couples in different ways.

The theme of every artist is different from each other. For example, the artwork by Shorav, “Comfortable Drawing” has the similar theme as surrealisms because his artwork is representing irrational things, such as in one drawing a woman is breast feeding a fish. His artwork is focusing on subconscious thinking of human beings and the dream world. The artwork by Rezaul focusing on different sides of same thing, such as, in one of his photos he shows the different views from two different windows. The theme is same in both photos, but the scenes in both photos are very different and represent the life style of two very different social classes. The sticker artworks by Zahed have the theme of heroism. He uses stickers of spider man to represent the rickshaw puller. His purpose is to convey the message that the actual heroes of the society are the working class people. The final artworks made by Shaela, “In Love With…” are representing the intimacy between man and women. Her artwork is very natural and living. She has represented the lotus, the peacock and the woman in her artwork which represents life.

The exhibition, In The Core was an interesting one. Though the artists are new, but they have done amazing job to represent different school of thoughts in art. This small exhibition was having enormous knowledge for its viewers. The most important thing about this exhibition was that it represents the art of ordinary people and most of the artworks were focusing on the life style of lower middle class and lower class people. Some of the artworks were showing the compression between different social and economical classes of the society. Further, most of the paintings were related to women’s life especially the one made by Shaela. Moreover, every artist has used different medium for their artwork such as, Shaela has use akelius on canvas, Zahed has use stickers, Rezaual has photographs and Shohrav has use ink on paper. Finally, it helps me a lot to study some original artwork and above all, it was a nice experience to have a conversation with the artists about their artworks.



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