What I will do in next few Years

I am optimistic about my future that I will be a responsible person in my life and I will sever my nation. I am hopeful that I will be a productive citizen for my country as I always believe in leadership and leading my people. Hopefully, one day I will able to fulfill my goal by achieving higher education and ensure the application of that education in my life. Currently, I am studying Public Health and I believe that for having a strong and successful nation one should be healthy. As I am belong to a developing country I know that many serious health issues are there in my country which can be treated or avoid by just an awareness, but due to lack of information and knowledge about things, thousands of people are suffering from fatal diseases.  To play my role to overcome this problem in my society I will do bachelors in Public Health and Masters in Food and Nutrition so that I can help my community. Moreover, I have also join Population Service and Training Center (PSTC) Chittagong, as a volunteer to severe people. In addition to this, I am planning a summer project this year back in my home country Pakistan. I am thinking to arrange awareness seminars in primary schools about hand washing, toilet usage, and healthy eating habits. In developing countries, providing education is very important and most of the time women are not having enough facilities to get education. I want to give awareness to women about their health and especially about Sex and Reproduction Health Education to underprivileged women.


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