A Day can’t be Forgotten


4 October 2013

At hostel on Sunday, I was sitting in front of open window smelling the spelled scent of Nineteenth blossom season. My friends had gone home. I was alone. My eyes were closing like a sunset. I was thinking about the changing occurs in my surrounding and unique Creation of God.

The weather was very awesome. It seems that angles were busy in painting the whole world. The long winter slumber of insects was ended. Tiny lives were busy in building there shelters. Dew drops were shining on the carpets of green grasses. Air of heaven was blowing and birds of paradise were flying everywhere. I was missing funny events with Zahra. We were spending couple of hours at garden while catching butterflies and smelling fragrance of flowers. Once Zahra was stung by bee. Her nose was popped out from her face like a balloon. Her face became like a playground; her upper lip was hanged like jawless fish. But still she was enjoying the beauty of spring.  I thought that how good it might be if there will only spring, but suddenly my mind clicked about summer.

Summer the season of fresh juices, the delicious ripen fruits, swimming and the picnic on beach with my friends (Alia, Someera and Zahida). That was joyful event with friends. Zahida was writing our group name “BOOM BOOM FRIENDS” on sand. The layers of waves were teasing her by removing her writing. Alia was busy in collection of different shells and Someera was enjoying melodious Indian songs. We really enjoyed the sunset at beach because the day was very hot, but after sunset it was very cool like winter.

Oh! Winter the season of family. I missed sitting in front of flaming hot fire. Pulling up blankets, having hot chicken soup of Mom. Searching for commits and looking at twinkling stars. Listening to grandma’s fairy tales and considering myself fairy flying over adventurous places like the leaves of autumn.

Yeah! Breezy autumn, the season of departure. The cloudy days and chilly nights. Tree shed their brown, orange, golden, yellow, leaves. It seems that leaves were whispering that everything in universe will come to end. The spirits of dead leaves were making whole the atmosphere very sad and gloomy. Crispy autumn seem very romantic, unusual feelings were flourishing in innocent hearts. The pain of departure from our loved once became more painful and irritable.

After thinking about all the seasons I realized that yes there should be a change. God is the best creator and there is message in his all creations. We can get secret of life from our variable surrounding because we know that nothing is useless in this whole universe. Suddenly my phone rang and broke my utopia into millions of pieces. I looked at my phone I was not sure what I was going to heard before picking up my phone. When I received phone it was my elder brother. He said,” Farida come to home as soon as possible” then call was dropped. I tried several time but phone was switched off. I was surprised why he called me than I thought that Oh yes! It is weekend maybe that’s why he called me. I looked at watch it was 9 am. Then I moved towards cupboard, then took my violet and rushed towards bus station. I bought cake for my mother and can of butter for my Daddy.

Fortunately I got ticket at a time. After three hours journey I was at my home town. Everyone was staring at me I was confused. . I saw many people and heard horrible sounds of crying from my house. I rushed towards my house and opened the door. I came to know the whole world was changed when I saw my mom laid on a bed in white dress and a lot of flowers were on her bed. I shouted Mamma….. But I did not get any response from her. She was silent for forever. I said mom look I have brought a cake for you.  Your favorite cake mom, please just get up! Please moms get up please. She did not give me any answer. Then I lost my consciousness. I shouted and cried oh my God I was wrong there should not be change in world. I need my Mom back. But once things are changed they never returned.

When I wake up on next day, my life was totally changed. My unconditional lover, my best friend, my mom was not there. I was considered myself alone in this huge world. Being a youngest child of my mom I was much pampered and it was unique experienced that nobody was there to say me “my Barbie doll just wake up your breakfast is ready”. I lost everything when I lost my sweet mom. Life without mom was like earth without water. It was very difficult for me to cope with that critical situation. I suffered great emotional disturbance. My mom was departed from me for forever but it was difficult to believe that she was actually gone. After her my elder sister was there. She helped me a lot and made me strong enough to deal with all situations. She convinced me that life in this world is not permanent; we all have to leave this world on one day.

“I still think about my mother every day. I know she is present with me every time. I cannot see her but I always feel her.”

After that my bland life was started. I did my all things by myself. That was very curious event which changed my whole life. Then I knew the power of change. It is not as simple as it seems. It is very unique thing. Sometimes change may be very lucky, but sometimes it shock people badly, but change is part of life. This is very effective in many ways. Like one of my friend was very menace. She was source of disturbance and she was very naughty.

One day they had study tour from school. They went to country side. The purpose of tour was elimination of poverty from society. As usual she was not interested about the goal of tour; she participated in tour just for fun. They visited many people and she was asked by teacher to interview some people about their obstacles and challenges. She went to an old woman and instead of taking interview she made fun of her poverty. The old lady felt ashamed of her condition and her eyes were full of tears she was looking like an innocent needy child without her mother. Nadia did not notice her situation.

When they returned from tour, Nadia realized her miss behave. She was very embarrassed of her stupid action. After that day she changed her self and now she is president of human rights in her area. So change may be beneficial for some and cursed for others, now it depends upon you whether you like it or not………











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