Love can occurs everywhere in the universe


Many people define “love” in their own way, and after reading Symposium we came to know many definitions of love. Here I will share one definition of love which I like most. It is Exyrimahus, who says that:

Love does not occur only in human soul; it is not simply the attraction we feel towards human beauty: it is a significantly broader phenomenon. It certainty occurs within the animal kingdom, and even in the world of plants. In fact, it occurs everywhere in the universe.

Exyrimachus generalize the definition of love and he also highlighted very important point about love that it can be happen anywhere in the universe. Let’s try to understand his definition while observing our surrounding. Yes we can find many example of love where the attraction for beauty of human being is present but how can we ignore the zillions of creatures and their love for each other. To proof the love of other creatures and even the love of non-living things I would like to share few stories of my childhood.

            Once, early in the Morning me and my father were watering the plants, it was the starting of vivid spring. Thousands of flowers were bloomed everywhere, the birds were singing melodious songs in the fresh air; the cool breeze of wind was passing by the ear; the dew drops on the green grass were seemed like a pearl; the young cheery tree was looking like a girl; I heard the heart touching song of nightingale which was sitting near. My heart beats like a drum and my eyes were full of tear. I asked from my father; pops what a melodious voice it is.?Than my father replies me, this is the voice of true lover. I said, pops what is true love? then he reply me, my child no one can gave you the real definition of true love, you will know the meaning of true love when you will start to observe your surrounding critically. I asked that Pops why nightingale is saying… is he knew the true love? Yes! Once the curler hunter shout the lover of nightingale after that accident nightingale start to sing and till now he is sing for his lover. Then I realized that love is not specific to human beings but it can be among any living thing.

            Now I want to share the next story of love.

            It was my 8th birthday, after the birthday party the room was hushed. The colorful balloon were scattered everywhere. I was busy with my gifts. When I opened my mom’s gift I was very happy. My beautiful cheeks were bloomed like a red rose and my eyes were shined like a marble balls in the sun. It was my favorite fairy tales book. I left all other gifts and I sat beside the window in front of burning candle, it was cold winter of first January. The full moon was shining on the white sheet of snow and snow was shining like the pieces of diamond. The whole scene was spectacular. Suddenly I saw a butterfly, flying around the burning flame of the candle; I saw the unique feelings of butterfly. The colorful wings of little butterfly were get burn due to the flame of candle but still it was flying around the candle without caring of being burned. Then butterfly get into the flame, it did not get the second for a beautiful spectrum to convert into coal. I became shocked and I asked from my mother. Mom, why did the butterfly burn herself? Than my mom reply me that, my dear child this is called the real love where the lover did not care of even her or his life.  Though I heard that many people do scarifies for their love but till now I did not saw any human being to scarify their life for the sack of love. Then I realized that there are no boundaries of real love and real love exist among any creature of God. So love can be occur everywhere in the universe.



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