My journey from memorizing to understanding to unitizing my knowledge in my writing!

27 April 2013

Human being is in continues process of learning in every aspect of life that might be religious, secular or academic circumstances. But the speed of progress depends upon environment, available facilities and opportunities. As a science student I didn’t focus on any kind of writing that might be formal piece of writing or creative writing and I always consider myself as weak student in writing and didn’t consider writing or literature as compatible subject for me. I understand from my life journey that ups and downs of life and tragedies are not only there to hurt people but these obstacles providing new paths and open many close doors and realities of life. This was what happened in my life. Coming to Asian University for Women (AUW) was my personal decision without knowing much about this university. When first prompt for writing was hand over to me by my English teacher Ms. Helen Moser I was totally confused that what to write and how to write. I consider writing as the most difficult thing in this world. When I put my fingers on key board to type few words my fingers were not under my control. My hands were shaking very vibrantly and sweat was running from my forehead like a small waterfall in my village. My immune system was upset and I feel pain in my whole body, my nerves were about to fracture. But I manage with that sever stress and I wrote my first essay. I came to know that I was good at writing which escalate my interest in writing. But when 2nd prompt was given to me that was something very different from first prompt which was personal narrative and now I was ask to write definition essay where rules for narrative essay were failed and I got very poor marks which once again demoralize me. And I came to know that different kinds of essays need different rules. After that we were given 3rd prompt about compare and contracts essay where I used my memorized knowledge which drag me into huge problem of plagiarism. Though this was very bad experience but it opens many doors for me: I went to my teacher and for a first time I share my inner most feelings with someone and I found her very helpful she recommended me to see psychologist and I did that, from where I got lots of courage and self-confidences. I start to search my own abilities and I come across the fact that writing was latent quality in me but I was not able to decipher that earlier. When 4th prompts were hand over to us I was confident about myself. That was argumentative essay I start my essay with new spirit and zeal. I struggle a lot, I interview many people, I search about that topic and I gave more attention on in-texts citation and on works cited page. Finally, my performance in that essay was nice. I get recommendation from my teacher to submit my essay to school’s yearly writing anthology and I submit my essay to writing anthology of my school. Now I am working on research paper and I am very hopeful to do nice job in this essay.

            Finally, I am very thankful to my teacher Ms. Helen Moser for her each and every class, to my class fellows for peer edited and to my seniors for their help in progress of my writing.




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