The Cowboys Pants

30 June 2013

Demands for garment is changing with the time and many ancient dresses are not in use today, but there is a unique type of dress which is very versatile and it is very popular from last many centuries to till now. This garment is famous due to many reasons few of them are as follow: it is affordable, it is fashionable, it is durable, it is suitable, it is comfortable, it is manageable, and it is good looking, always in fashion, did not need to wash often and not need iron at all, not complicated but have intricate designs and look sophisticated, and above all it is stylish, simple, easy, sexy, cool, hot and much more…    this most popular, most hard wearing, easily accessible and “neutral foundational garment” is Jeans.

History of Jeans is as old as history of America. Jeans was first invented in America for working class people and especially for cowboys. Due to its versatile qualities it becomes famous among miners, labours, and other working class people. Jeans were made from Demin and it was colored by natural herbs name as Indigofera Tinctoria. The most popular color of Jeans was blue and still this color is famous as past. The work of labours was guess from the color of their Jeans because in early time Jeans were dye with such colors which were not permanent and were easily dissolved in water. Gradually Jeans become popular among ordinary people due to Hollywood movies where cowboys used to wear Jeans to show their ruggedness. In early time Jeans were not allow to wear in certain places like schools, restaurants and other formal gatherings. During labours movements 1960s people especially youth start to wear Jeans to show sympathy with working class people and it is also known as rebellion’s dress. After that Jeans become casual dress for ordinary people.

Now Jeans are wearing by cowboys, supermodels, famous film stars, singers, dancers, farmers, labours, engineers, presidents, teenagers, housewives, and even babies so we can say that any group of people at any time can wear Jeans. The popularity of Jeans start among working class then rebellions, then supermodels and finally among ordinary people. The importance of Jeans varies from person to person and the main secret of its wide appeal in every era, period, century, decade, year, month, day, minute and even in a second is its versatility. Designs and styles of Jeans changing with seasons, for instance, each season introduce new cuts, features, treatments and establishments of different Jeans. Articles of clothing made by Jean are increasing rapidly. For example, you can get dresses, shirts, shorts, skirts, coats, jackets, gloves, sandals, caps, hats and many other things made by Jeans. I think if now any new country will become independent its flag will be made from Jeans and I also think that one of the main reason behind success of America and its being superpower is invention of Jeans because it is very useful and wide use.

Jeans is very beneficial. Let’s take example of my own Jeans which I got from my mother on my fifteenth birthday and still I am using them. Initially they were blue Jeans but now they are white shorts. Last year I was thinking to throw them but very soon I came to know that there is a new fashion of torn up Jeans so I became so excited and I use my that old pair of Jeans during whole year and even I used those pair of Jeans when that fashion was not any more in market. Then I was thinking to throw away those pair of Jeans I heard from my friend that white shorts are in fashion now days. Once again I became so excited and I used the same pair of Jeans. Now I am waiting for any new fashion so I will manage to wear those pair of Jeans at AUW: my university.

Once there were only blue jeans but now you can get red Jeans, yellow Jeans, white Jeans, purple Jeans, black Jeans, brown Jeans, and etcetera. Not only different color of Jeans you can have but also you can have different designs and type of Jeans, for instance, Skinny Jeans; which are tight from top to bottom, Flares and Wide Legged Jeans; which are loose at the bottom, Boot Cut Jeans; which are much similar to Wide Legged Jeans, Flare Cut Jeans; which are loose and are short, Straight Jeans; which are much similar to straight line on a paper, Bell Bottom Jeans; which are like a Blue Bell, Boyfriend Jeans; which are torn up, loose and ugly, High Waisted Jeans; with these Jeans you do not need shirt if you have a nice bra and Cuffed Jeans; I do not know about this types of Jeans I just hear about this design.

Furthermore, people feel easy to wear different Jeans at different occasions and I personally prefer different types of Jeans at different circumstances. For instance, at lazy days I prefer to wear boyfriend Jeans and when I am hanging out with my friends I prefer to wear Straight Jeans, for shopping I prefer to wear fitting pair of Jeans with waist belt, for picnics I prefer to wear casual Jeans and for dates with my boyfriend I prefer to wear skinny Jeans. Moreover, if I want to dress up like different people I wear different kinds of Jeans. For instance, when I want to dress up like pop stars, dancers, supermodels, hot girls, handsome boys I like to wear six pockets and printed skinny Jeans on the other hand if I want to dress up like cowboys, miners, and housewives my preference will be loose blue pair of Jeans and more or less everyone are wearing different Jeans on different occasions.

Though Jeans are having very important role in our daily life above all it play vital role in establishment of equalitarian society because it help to remove gender differences, class differences, age differences, race differences, color differences, caste differences, etc. because Jeans can be afforded by most of people, man and female both can wear Jeans and at the same time any age group can wear Jeans. So finally we can say that Jeans is queen of all garments and hope Jeans will be in fashion for next many years.






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