The impressive writing style of Mark Doty


The essay “Souls on Ice” by Mark Doty is one of the best essays I ever read. The whole essay describes ideas and feelings in such a beautiful way that reader can feel each and every thing very deeply. The writer constructed each line of his essay with wonderful craft of his creativity which attract readers. The spell of word choice is very strong that readers drown in the ocean of splendor ideas of writer. Though all the lines in essay are awe-inspiring but the line which I like most is the last line of final paragraph, “my metaphor may still know more than I do; the bright eyes of those fish gleam on, in memory, brighter than what I’ve made of them.” I believe that most of people will like this line of essay because the way he close his essay is very open. He did not end his easy by a specific conclusion that after reading his essay reader can get the final answer, but the ending of essay opens thousand of close doors of our mind. The end line is persuasive and it is written in such a beautiful beats of words which explain his essay as well as gave the readers to use their own mentality to dig the depth of reality by their own.


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