Victims of Anger

            Indian Film Director, Deepa Mehta, in her movie Earth 1947 portraits very craft fully the affects of violence, riots, and upraising among Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs and its negative effects on their lives. Every character in movie portraits his or her story related to partition. Deepa Mehta highlighted many causes of violence during partition with the help of different characters such as Dil Nawaz: one of the main actors of the movie Earth 1947, to demonstrate that it was anger and thirst of revenge which provoke people to act like animals during partition. Moreover, many people became victim not because of religion or region but due to personal problems. Dil Nawaz is one of the main characters in the movie Earth 1947 who plays role of a rejected lover and brother whose sisters were killed during migration from India to Pakistan. His disappointment in love and desire of retaliation aggravate his anger which leads him to be a hazardous person.  

            Deepa Mehta, illustrates the friendship among different people belongs to different religions. Dil Nawaz or ice candy man is a young Muslim boy, Shanta, a young Hindu girl and Hasan, a young Muslim boy are main characters. The purpose of these diverse members of friend is to show that how people were mingle with each other before partition and how their relations ruined due to political fluctuation and emergence of newly independent states in the name of religion. Deepa Mehta portraits Dil Nawaz’s character as a congenial and amenable friend not only Dil Nawaz but also all his friends had very good rapport and have very strong bond of friendship with each other. Dil Nawaz always talks in flowery and in poetic language even his first dialogue in film is a couplet, for instance, “would your face were pockmarked like the moon, Stars your gentle beauty would festoon” (Earth 1947). The purpose of Deepa Mehta for selection of such dialogue for Dil Nawaz are many like firstly he was Muslim and Urdu speaker; most of the time Urdu speaker are interested in poetry. Secondly, Dil Nawaz was interested in Shanta, so these poem and couplets were subtle confirmation of his love for Shanta and thirdly, to illustrate Dil Nawaz’s behavior and his romantic mood. Moreover, Dil Nawaz was tricky person who get up like a saint or a holy Muslim man and he fooled people to earn money. Deepa Mehta selected such character to elicit many things from that period. First might be to demonstrate Dil Nawaz behavior that he was greedy person who can do anything for money even he can make people fool to have money. Secondly, she tries to show the mentality of people in those days who were illiterate and gullible. Thirdly, she also tries to give an idea about religion that many people miss used religion for their personal advantages.

            Deepa Mehta very explicitly describes causes of partition on the life of ordinary people and especially on the relation of best friends. She displays violence during partition and its consequences. For instance, the train from Gurdaspur, India having thousands of Muslim refugees to Pakistan was looted by Hindu extremists and they butchered all people, they raped women, and cut their breasts. Dil Nawaz’s sisters were also in that train. He was waiting for his sisters for 12 hours at station and when he saw only dead bodies and sacks fill with women’s breasts he became disgraceful and outrageous. At the same time his friends were listening to news on radio from where they come to know that rate of bloodshed in Gurdaspur was increasing very rapidly where Muslims population was high and after listening to that news one of his friend says, “ that means the Muslims there are being butchered… the real bloodshed will start now” (Earth 1947). These are related to real incidents which were happened during partition and which cause violence and upraising across the boarders of Pakistan and India.  As Dil Nawaz’s sisters were killed so Hasan and Shanta are visiting Dil Nawaz for pay condolence. When they reached Dil Nawaz’s home he was frustrated and his eyes were full of hatered. They all were on the rooftop of Dil Nawaz’s house and were busy in observing the riots on the street of Lahore city which was part of Pakistan. When Sikhs and Hindu come out of their houses Dil Nawaz murmured that “why they are not going to India” (Earth 1947) and at the next moment they catch a Muslim boy and very brutally torn him into two parts which was the most atrocious and hair-raising example of violence. After a while Shalimar the colony of Hindus was blasted by Muslims due to which people were running out of their homes they were catch by fire and the whole scene was so horrible. The fire brigade was there who instead of cease fire put petrol on burning houses and Dil Nawaz show happiness because he was thirsty to take revenge from Hindus as his sisters were killed by Hindus and when Shanta look at him he also feel guilty. Deepa Mehta shows that violence form both side was equal in one way or in other way.

            Deepa Mehta also demonstrate love scene in her movie because there were many people who still love each other and she illustrate the affects of rejection in love as well. As Dil Nawaz was in love with Shanta and despite of hatered towards Hindus he propose Shanta for marriage and he says that, “this not only about Hindu and Muslim, it’s about what’s inside us, Hindu, Muslims, Sikhs… we are all besters, all animals” (Earth 1947) but she refuse to marry him. Dil Nawaz was not angry with Shanta but when he saw Shanta and Hasan making love it provoke his anger and he start to behave like animal. He killed Hasan and he took Shanta with himself. He did this all because of frustration and rejection by his lover. Here Deepa Mehta has heighted very important cause of violence that depression and disappointment was also one of the main reasons which cause destruction during partition. Furthermore, many people were killed due to their personal conflicts and even people from same religion killed each other. Many refugees were looted to gain money and for other precious luggage by greedy and selfish people.

Finally, the movie Earth 1947 reveals many facts of violence during partition of Pakistan and India in 1947. Dil Nawaz’s role is very important in this movie because it shows that desire of revenge inflame treacherous behaviors in people and people act like wild animals. Moreover, this movie highlights that it was not only religion which cause devastation during partition but there were many other causes which leads towards huge destructions like personal gains of people and frustration cause bitterness which cause hatred.


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