Visual description of Pictures


Child Laboring, Zoraih: Photojournalist 2008


In this photo there is a girl of 8 to 9 years old. She is breaking red building blocks with hammer. She has covered her head with black piece of cloth having white flowers on it. She is working in sun without any shelter. She is busy with her work and her face seems gloomy. There is a paper box beside her and a black big umbrella is behind her. She is alone in this picture. There is a big building in background of this picture. She is surrounded by pieces and piles of crushed red building blocks. She is wearing white cloths which are quite filthy, dusty and worn out. She seems very tired and exhausted.


We can infer from this picture that situation of child labours is very terrible and children who are doing child laboring are most of the time helpless. This picture shows the difficulties of a child working in factories and in other places for little pay. As we can see from this picture the little girl’s face is gloomy and she is busy with her work it means that children who are doing child laboring are most of the time not happy with their life.  From her dirty cloth we can infer that child labours are working in unhygienic places and in unhygienic conditions. The piles of crushed blocks illustrate her hard work.

Creator’s Intention, Message, Audience

This picture is taken by famous photographer Zoraih who is awarded for his famous photos from war of Iraq and for other photos from developing countries on different issues and one of the main issues highlighted by Zoraih in his photos is child laboring. In this photo his intention is to draw attention towards one of the main problem of developing countries: child laboring. He discloses the message for his audience of this photo in one of his interview, “I believe that the developed world needs to be reminded of what life is like in other places. We need to find more balance on this planet; some children have $500 video game systems while others all but kill themselves just to feed themselves and their families. We need to work more towards balancing things out” ( So his main purpose behind such photos is to reveal the truth that there are thousands of children in this planet who need our care and help for their better future.





Auction House Records: Polo Player, Gulgee


In this painting there is a man riding on a horse who is playing Polo: which is famous game of Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan at the world’s highest play ground Shandur. The man is holding Polo stick and he is bending to hit the ball. His head is not visible in this painting but we can see horse’s head.  Horse in this painting is vigorous and it is jumping. Colors used in this painting are red brown and yellow. Margins of this painting are more darken than center of painting. We can see a small ball in front of a horse.


This painting depicts one of the famous games of Pakistan so we can infer that this painting is introducing Polo the famous game of Pakistan to the world. The vigorous action of horse in painting shows the enthusiasm and passion of player and as well as zeal of a horse while playing Polo. The light colors in the center of painting are used to focus on the player and on a horse.

Creator’s Intention, Message, Audience

This painting is important because it is about one of the most ancient games of world and which is play in the same way as early people used to play but most of the people in the world do not know about this famous game. The artist’s intention is to introducing Polo game to world and to give people awareness about this legend game of Pakistan. Message of this painting is that still in world there are many ancient games which are played by people and there are many nations who celebrate their ancestor’s festivals, tradition and special events like games, ritual, etc.  Audiences of this painting are international community, tourists, visitors, and historians because this is very ancient and historical game and it is played on the world’s highest playground which is 3,700 meters high from sea level.







In this poster there is a drone which is throwing bombs on a ruler house in country side. Barak Obama the president of USA’s head is made on the drone and we can see that he is saying sorry after bombing the house. A woman in purple veil, a man in white cloths and a child in white dress are running away from their home. There is a huge cloud of black smoke in the background of poster. There are many other houses and mountains in the background of this poster. There is snow on the peak of mountains and sky is totally clear and blue.


This poster very clearly reveals that drone attack is killing innocent people and the US president is just saying sorry after bombing innocent people in the country sides of Pakistan. It also reveals the brutality of drone attacks because children and women are also killed during drone attacks. It also shows the helplessness of innocent people who are killed in so called war against terror.

Creator’s Intention, Message, Audience

Creator’s main intention in this poster is to illustrate the fact that all drone attacks are not just killing terrorists but also innocent citizens are killed by drone attacks and the government of US is not taking this issue in account because their sorry cannot pay back the lives of innocent victims of drone attacks. Moreover, creator wants to drag attention of US towards loses of people who are living in country side and kill for no reason. Message in this poster is that innocent people are also killed by drone attacks and audiences for this poster are US, UNO and Pakistani government who are fighting war against terror but they are ignoring problems of citizens.



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