Me as an active member of my society

5 June, 2013
There are many things in my life which encourage me to contribute for my society but right now I want to mention few very important platforms which really play vital role in my life. When I was seven years old my father registered my name in Junior Guide as he himself was Captain of Boy Scouts and Volunteers in our community. My father provided the first and most important platform for me to contribute for my people in my childhood. After that I became active member of Girls Guide where we ought to help our community whenever they need us. Then I join “Community Library” which is first ever public library in my village. We donate our books and we ask different people for books. Where we also taught students from primary to secondary level. Now I am active member of “Ab Boly Ki Lab Azad Hai Teray”. It is an organization where we discus about social issues, we organize and participate in debates about controversial issues, for instance, status of women in our society, terrorism, suicides, child laboring, etc. I am thankful for my father to encourage me to do voluntary work and now I have enough confidence to help as many people as I can.


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