The Dance Party at Palace

Farida Naz
18 Feb 2014
Found in: Getlein, Mark. Living With Art, 9th ed, (New York: McGraw-Hill, 2010), 102.
I choose this art work because for a very first time I saw a painting where a huge party is going on but the emperor is busy with his official work. In this painting beautiful women are dancing and there are many couples who are either dancing or enjoying this great event but the king and some other officials are busy with their work. The background of this painting has a dark green color and we can easily see other bright colors on it which are very vivid and noticeable. Further, movement in the bodies of the dancers is very alive. Moreover, one of the women is dancing on the top of a pole and almost all musicians are surrounding her and people are looking upwards to see her dance. In addition to this, a female couple is also present there. All couples, dancers and musicians have worn very expensive dresses with luxurious jewelries. Women have head scarf and men have intricate caps.
Moreover, in this painting people are represented in stylized way. More or less everyone is similar in appearance and so many body features are repeated, such as, everyone has almond like eyes with a pointed nose, only one side of face is visible, women’s bodies are very delicate and feminine and men are quite chubby, all have mustache and few of them have beard as well. Furthermore, in this painting different steps of Indian classical dance are shown. Some of the movements are very stylized but others are quite real in representation. For example, the couple on the right top of painting where the woman in purple and red dress has very stylized moment in her body and on the other hand, the woman dancing on the top of pole is doing more realistic steps of Indian classical dance. In addition to this, artist has given more importance to dancing event not to the emperor because almost all of the painting is cover by the dancers and the musicians. Further, we can see armed soldiers standing next to the dancers and musicians. All soldiers are standing still in a line holding guns in a same way and wearing a red uniform. Behind the soldiers strong and well decorated elephants and horses are present. Men are sitting on elephants and enjoying the dance party. Moreover, the men on elephants have attendants with them who are holding the elephants and the horses.
Further, in this painting emperor is sitting in his palace which is relatively smaller and present in a corner of the painting. The unique thing about this painting is that emperor is not giving any interest to the dance party instead he is having a dialogue with a person who also seems to be an important man. Moreover, the halo is present behind the head of an emperor which shows his power and status and it is also sign of spiritual power. In addition to this, emperor is wearing luxurious dress and intricate cap with lots of precious pearls. Two attendants are standing behind the king and one of them is fanning. Representation of the king is also much similar to rest of the people, such as, he has also almond like eyes and pointed nose. The palace shown in this painting has three portions. In first portion attendants are standing behind the king. In second portion the king and a man are sitting and the man is handing over a small green bag to the king. In third portion four men are sitting and their gazes are fixed on the king. All men have dressed very well and all have worn precious pearls. The background of palace is red.


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