Today the biggest challenge for Pakistan is Taliban

There are many challenges for Pakistan but the biggest challenge for Pakistan is Taliban; because of Taliban security of Pakistan is jeopardized. If anyone’s security is not ensured in his/her own home where he/she will go? If anyone is not sure about his/her safety in next few minutes how he/ she will have plans for his/her future? Almost every day in Pakistan suicide attacks, bomb blasts, target killings are happening. Innocent people are losing their lives and no one is there to save ordinary people from these inhuman activities. I believe that this all insatiability is caused due to many reasons but above all is lack of implementation of democracy; though we have democracy in our country right now but Just the name_ democracy is not enough, we need real democratic state to ensure the safety measures in our country. It is not only important for Pakistan but also it will play vital rule in world’s security because today’s world is global village. For the security of world we should ensure security in each and every part of the world.


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