Say it is not True!

My heart stop beating

My veins run out of blood

My hair stand against my sink

My body felt threshold of novel feelings

My eyes cease blinking

My brain lost ability of thinking


When I open my eyes

I was all alone in darkness

I was astonished

I was confused

I was crying on my fate

I was shouting on myself

Hey you …. Just say it is not true

Say please… say it is not true…



  1. iku2e · February 23, 2015

    why not true?

    • faridanaz · February 23, 2015

      I don’t how to say… there is a big story…

      • iku2e · February 23, 2015

        oh, ok , can understand!

      • faridanaz · February 23, 2015

        Thanks for understanding! 🙂

      • iku2e · February 23, 2015

        welcome 🙂

      • faridanaz · February 23, 2015


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