Freedom is you should be able to share your true feelings with anyone at anytime without being judge.

Freedom is you can have as many friends as you want without any boundaries of religion, region, caste or anything

Freedom is you can get humanity from all human beings for no cost or a reason

Freedom is you can allow your inner self to express itself in front of everyone

Freedom is not being all alone in this huge world

Freedom is not to ruin yourself

Freedom is not to shut up everyone just because it is your life and you can do anything

Freedom is having loving and caring people around you, it is not solitude


12 thoughts on “Freedom

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  1. Freedom is also no longer having to sit in two hour commutes and stale cubicles because you’re about yo retire early and enjoy real freedom.
    Thanks for the follow and yes, I smiles when I read your profile 🙂

  2. You are right! May i add that being FREE from boreDOM is one state I always want to be. Being hostage to Boredom kills the spirit!

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