On 5th February, 2015 University of North Carolina School of Medicine published their research on the effects of breastfeeding on the amount and performance of intestinal bacteria which are beneficial in food digestion.  Researchers found that the baby’s diet before solid food has a huge influence on the composition, amount, diversity and stability of intestinal bacteria and gut microbiome. Researchers claim that, “We found that babies who are fed only breast milk have microbial communities that seem more ready for introduction of solid foods.”  Researchers also found that babies who are non-exclusively breastfed have such type of gut micobiome which contribute to more “stomach aches and colic.” The importance of gut bacteria is that it plays vital role in proper food digest and fight against pathogens or harmful bacteria which causes food poison and other gut diseases.

            Furthermore, this study is also supporting other research work which has been done on the importance of breastfeed for children in their first six months. This study shows that exclusive breastfeeding is vital for smooth transition to solid foods in babies. The early diet helps to develop certain types of gut bacteria in babies, therefore; babies’ food should be select with care to ensure healthy life.


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  1. Great post.

    What it once again emphasizes is what has been known to us for thousands of years. That breast feed is the best start-up feed that can be given to infants. But there exists also the clash with the infant food industry. How could we bring the industry on board and in alignment?


    1. Thank you Shakti.
      Yes breastfeeding is best for infant, but due to any reason if breast-milk is not available for baby then infant food can be a best choice instead of adult’s food.

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