Healthy Food is better than Medicine!

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I think now we need more nutritionists than doctors to prevent diseases. Since number of Non-communicable diseases (NCD) is increasing and main cause of NCDs is unhealthy diet.



  1. Sunny · February 22, 2015

    I want to go a step further n would say we need more farmers a better natural balance…

  2. il neige sur Liège · February 22, 2015

    You are so right!!! Good day to you!

  3. Fashionable Librarian · February 23, 2015

    Alleluyah…100% in agreement with you. The right food can heal with body and is so much better for you than medication….no side effects….

    • faridanaz · February 24, 2015

      Yes you are right 🙂 Thank you for a nice comment

  4. giselzitrone · February 24, 2015

    Grüße und Küsse Gislinde

    • faridanaz · February 24, 2015

      Danke, dass Sie und die Liebe, Farida

  5. PASTOR DAVIS/MASTER TEACHER · February 24, 2015

    Yes and I agree with you my friend, thank you for sharing and following what we are doing at VABWM. Please click here and receive my welcome message.

    • faridanaz · February 24, 2015

      Thank you friend for your great teachings 🙂 May God bless us all!!!

  6. writersideup · March 3, 2015

    Agreed! Especially now that I’m positive I have “leaky gut.” It’s often at the root of many things : /

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