Let’s Talk About Sex!


We human beings very freely share our feelings of hunger, thirst, sleep, etc without pretty much concern about the audience because these are characteristics of living things. In other words these advance biological system: circulation, digestion, respiration, nerves, skeleton and sensitivity makes us Homo sapiens.

Am I missing something?

Oh yes, there is also a well developed system in humans known as reproductive system. The feelings and desires come with this system have something to do with sex.

Wait, what did you say? SEX?

OMG! Are you crazy or slut or what?

Don’t you feel shame to talk about sex in public?

Being a girl how dare you to talk about such immoral things?

Oh come on Hypocrites!  If you don’t have any problem to announce your thirst in public then why you are dying out of shy to talk about SEX?

In context of South Asia mostly people deny their sex desires in spite of brutally raping innocent people. Our so called morally sound elders will never tell you anything about sex and our modest syllabus will never include anything about healthy relationships and sex education. Here our young generation is seeking sex education from pornography. Think for a while, what kind of sex education one can get from pornography.

I believe that pornography is all about lust it has nothing with sex and such kind of lust doesn’t work in real relationships. We need to tell our youngsters about the difference between lust and sex. Lust is an animal behavior and sex is more of human behavior. In lust you are only concern about your benefits, needs and gains. On the other hand sex is more about sharing love and summation of two bodies into one under the umbrella of trust. In lust relationship is more of dominant and submissive kind, but in sex the desires of both individuals are equally appreciated.

It is evolution or the long history of patriarchy, men are considered more sexually active than women, but it doesn’t means that women are totally insensitive for sexual desires. We all Asians, the confused people about our sexual desires, should confess that we also do have sexual feelings and desires like all other human beings on the face of Earth. Now, it is time to teach our youngsters about safe sex, healthy relationships and the realities about pornography. We should keep this in our mind that pornography is a lust industry in the name of sex which devalues the beauty of sex life and which discourage people about their bodies and appearance.

By now at least our high schools should include sex education in their syllabus to make our youth aware about safe sex and healthy relationships.


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  1. Sex education is taught in most British schools, generally to older students and focusing on methods of birth control. The reproductive system is taught as part of biology. Interesting post with valid points about attitudes to sex.

  2. A similar battle is going on in the USA, though we do have sex ed in schools…parents can still opt out and several districts have implemented abstinence only programs which have been proven not to work. Purity pledges happen in some religous communities with young girls pledging purity as a promise to their fathers. Creepy doesn’t cover it.

  3. I thought of that, living under democracy, The Church battles against “Sex Education”. That sounds easy but apparently difficult to do.

  4. I believe if we talk sex more openly in public about it, we will destroy our community but as far as i know everybody have someone he talks with about it… but privately

  5. i think you have said it rightly. I hope and I know one thing for sure is Men are not the one who has more libido, its the women who are very active.
    You can correct if I am wrong 😛

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