Baba Miss You :(

Thank you people for your lovely words in remembrance of my dear dad. Indeed he was a great social worker and a kind person. Baba jani miss you too much šŸ˜„


“Renowned social figure and a person with authentic credibility Mowla Dad sahib hailing from Sandhi Yasin has passed away some days ago. He was suffering from a cardiac disorder and had undergone a successful major surgery at Aga Khan Hospital earlier and was excellently recuperating but some thing else was stored for him with the divine will and left the abode of transition and trials to the abode of permanent excellence and everlasting bliss.
His services for the people of Gilgit in general and for the community in particular would be remembered in the days to come. He had rendered exemplary services with the Ismaili Volunteer Corps of Central Jamat Khans Gilgit, where he had spent almost a considerable time in different capacities and finally made to the top position of captain due to his sincerity and the zeal to serve the Imam of the Time besides putting his flawless services in all the Jamati institutions for the greater good of the community.
He was a man of enduring principles and always preferred the collective wellbeing of the community over all pity normal issues.
However as a matter of undeniable reality all have to bide a farewell to this transient world and set on the journey of the hereafter but it is for certain that people just like him are cherished and kept alive in the hearts of the people.
May Allah Almighty elevate his spiritual status and may His precious soul rest in eternal peace. Ameen”


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