Report on “Personal Hygiene” Workshop


A short awareness session on the personal hygiene was conducted at Youth Development Center, (YDC) Gilgit with YDC boarders on 8th July, 2015. This session aims to demonstrate the importance of maintaining good personal hygiene and illustrate the importance of comprehensive cleaning to maintain a good health and a better personality in a certain society. Personal hygiene is important for many reasons, for instance, to have a better personality, a good health, for social reasons and for psychological issues. Good hygiene perpetuates a nice image of an individual in a society. Emphasizing on good personal hygiene can reduce a risk of many social, metal, and health problems. The good personal hygiene is as simple as hand washing which can reduce the plethora of illnesses, infections, and disorders. In a social situation a clean and tidy appearance can boost one’s confidence and reflects a positive image of that individual to others. It is more frequently noticed that a clean and tidy person usually gets more attention in a public platform and people usually treads to trust him/her more. Unhygienic people are mostly avoided by others and most of the times the stress level of unhygienic people is high as compare to hygienic people. So to keep ourselves socially, mentally, and physically healthy it is important to be dirt free and should maintain a hygienic life style.


Following are the objectives of the session, “Personal Hygiene”

  • Awareness among boarders about the importance of personal hygiene.
  • Demonstrate the social importance of personal hygiene to maintain a hygienic life style.
  • Encourage the participants to take responsibility of their health and cleanness in a friendly environment to remain mentally, physically and socially healthy.
  • Teach the attendees how to take care of hand, body, tooth, foot, and cloth’s hygiene in day to day life in the presence and the absence of certain facilities.


To make the session more illustrative and visual a multimedia was used to deliver a power point presentation on personal hygiene. Different pictures were used to make the presentation more vital and appealing. Before the presentation on personal hygiene a short quiz was taken from the boarders about the basic information on personal hygiene. The questions in per-session quiz were very simple, for example, how long one should brush their teeth? The following pie-chat shows the results from per-session quiz from YDC boarders.

During the session the facilitator explain the importance of personal hygiene, then taught how to have a better personal hygiene and then provide the correct answers for the entire per-session quiz. A short activity on proper hand washing was also conducted during the session where the participants were asked to wash their hands while using all the six steps of proper hand washing acknowledged by the physicians. The workshop was ended with answer questions. The facilitator hopes that after this session all the attendees will know the correct answers for the per-session quiz and they will use this knowledge in their daily life.

Response of the Participants

All the 22 participants present in the session were very keen to know about the basic information about personal hygiene. The attendees were 14 to 22 years old and the level of qualification of the attendees was between 8th to B.scII. After the session the common response from the participants was that they learn many important things about personal hygiene which are very essential for a better life style and to maintain a good health. For instants, most of the participants were not aware that during brushing teeth they should also gently brush their tongue too, to avoid the month odor and to have a better mouth hygiene. A bunch of other information like this was also discussed in the session which seems very common but many of us don’t know about it. The participants were happy to know about the simple tips about daily hygiene, such as, to avoid the foot odor one should use a body power in between their toes or at least one should wash their hands more than 20 second to clean the germs on the surface of their hands. Participants appreciate the information shared in the session about personal hygiene and they were excited to use the acquired knowledge in upcoming days.

Impact of the Workshop

  • Participants were excited to make use of the acquired knowledge from the session about personal hygiene in their daily life to maintain a better social, mental, and physical health.
  • Participants were happy to share the basic information about personal hygiene to young ones back at their home and in their neighborhood to maintain a healthy society in their communities.
  • This session help the attendees to enhance good habits and make them a better person in a certain society.
  • This session was also helpful to teach the participants many ways to get rid of infectious illnesses and contiguous disorders while maintaining a hygienic life style.

Some visual from the workshop


The facilitator is explaining the importance of personal hygiene to YDC boarders


Boarders are taking per-session quiz on Personal Hygiene

Report prepared by:

Farida Naz, an intern at Hashoo Foundation, Gilgit, Peer Health Educator and Residential life Assistant at Asian University for Women, Student of Public health at Asian University for Women.



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