Reflection: How woman was portrayed in these movie?

S. No Country Movie Reflection:

How woman was portrayed in these movie?

1 Afghanistan Kabuli Kid An inspiring movie about helpless mother and her child. In this movie woman was represented as a helpless human being. She has no power and oppressed by male dominated society. Boys were considered all and all. A typical male dominant is represented in this movie which reminds me many things about my own society and many things about my childhood.
2 Nigeria 1.Women Career

2.Forgiveness for blood

First of all I for a first time learn that Nigerian film industry is called Nollywood. The movies are pretty similar to Indian TV shows where most of the time focus is on upper class. What I understood from these two movies is that in Nigeria gender is not a problem man and woman both can have equal status. But the main problem is power and money. If you have enough money you can have a good status and power in the society regardless of your gender.  Moreover, religious violence is seems common and people are more traditional.
3 Iran Alchemy and Soil In this movie violence and the scenario of war is depicted, the miserable condition of people and the civil unrest in society. the most surprising thing was that women don’t have their own any kind of status in society even if she is working woman and her husband is a criminal people will give more respect to that criminal than a his earning wife who  sacrifice her life after him. Indeed very conservative society for women and very harsh society for children.
4 Iraq Bekas I can say that this is THE MOVIE! This movie is wonderful and It portrayed the childhood and innocence very realistically. It shows that how innocent children are suffering from the nonsense politic and wars of the world. Very heart touching movie. About women this movie didn’t shows any main woman character but generally I can say that the situation of women seems similar to Iranian women. A few women were there all in hijab and having head to toe burqa.

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