A TRUE Story of a Strong Girl


Ali Khan a 55 years old person was once as lively as a common healthy person out there on street. He was in Pak-army and was happy with his wife and children. He had four daughters and two sons. After retried from army he started to do laboring to meet the needs of his comparatively large family. It was a bad luck or the conspiracy of the evil spirits he fall into a huge ditch while digging it. His backbone was fractured and he was in a very treacherous condition. He was referred to Aga Khan Hospital, Karachi. From that very day his family not only faced the pain of their father’s illness, but they also lost the only source of income. The poor mother was left with her children back at home without any financial help. Aga Khan Hospital was kind enough to offer him some welfare during his treatment and his wife also put together some money from family and friends for her husband’s treatment. Thankfully the omnipotent mercy Ali’s life, but he was paralyzed for rest of his life. After that terrible incident his family was dismayed. Whenever his children see their father in an acute agonizing pain, out of helplessness they just clean tears from their innocent cheeks. Still they were fighting against helplessness one day a stormy violent rain break the walls of Ali’s small house. All and sudden they were under the blue sky with their paralyzed father. Their situation was much similar to the old saying, “out of frying pan into fire.” When the neighbors saw their pitiful condition they collect some money to build a small shelter for them. Due to this upsetting condition and lack of financial assistance Ali’s one son dropout from middle school but other three were strong enough to continue their education. No doubt God is merciful but sometimes His boons become curse. Same happen this year (2015), many people were affected by floods and Ali’s poor economy was also shaken by natural disasters and his little shelter is shattered. Now, he has almost nothing left; no house, no land, no health, and no source of income. The only thing he has is pain and the only pain. One should salute his children who are still studying despite of this pitiable social, broken physical and poor economic condition. Ali’s daughter has done her matriculation this year and she wants to take admission in college.  Despite of many difficulties her will for education is very strong. I think her story should be told to every student. She is a real inspiration for everyone and her courage should be appreciated. People like her are cause of motivation for all main kind who became heartbroken on some common day to day life tragedies.


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