A New Year Resolution


Happy New Year!

As we all know that it has been a tradition for so many years that with arrival of every New Year people come up with several New Year resolutions. Hence, by the end of twenty fifteen I was also thinking about New Year resolutions. Then I thought what actually I need the most and I realized that there is one thing which always holds me back from everything.  I realized that it is a reason behind almost all my weaknesses, disappointments, rejections, stress, lack of self-confidence, lack of self-esteem, it makes me underestimate my qualities and skills and many more. Therefore, I thought why not to have a resolution to solve that one problem to come out of many disappointments in forthcoming days. Here is what I have the resolution for not only this year but for rest of my life. That is no insecurities, no insecurities any more. Enough with insecurities and enough is enough.


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