“The More the Better? The Number of Plans Predicts Health Behavior Change”


The research done by Amelie U. Wiedemann and co-workers on number of action plans and its impact on health behavior, claims that more action plans have positive correlation with healthy behavior. They have done this study with 560 employees. First of all they did a polite survey to differentiate between actors: the ones who do regular work-out, intenders: the ones who want to do work-out and pre-intenders the ones who are not active and they don’t want to do any work-out. The researchers only selected intenders and actors for their study. The participants were given awareness sessions about the benefits of regular physical activity. The participants were also given lesson to make action plans and coping plans. The results shows that intenders were more likely to make action plans and coping plans as compare to actors. The increasing number of action plans and coping plans were more effective and especially coping plans for intenders were more helpful to change their health behavior.

Some of the critiques claim that if you will have more action plans then it will be difficult to concentrate on any of them and you will end up with not following any of the plans. Therefore, one should have fewer plans to give enough time to get a maximum benefit out of it. But this study shows that if anyone is intended to change his/her health behavior then more actions plans are helpful for them. As the study says, “The more plans participants elaborated, the more likely they were to successfully change their behavior.” (Wiedemann et al) In conclusion if anyone wants to change their life style for better health and wants to do a regular physical activity then they need to have more plans. To make these plans more successful and sustainable one should have coping plans. Coping plans play a vital role in health changing behavior. It also shows that different behavior needs different planning strategies. For instance, the actors did not have more action plans but they do regular physical activity. Increasing number of action plans was ready to lend the hands of intenders.


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