If more than FIVE ARE TRUE in your case then you should know that HE IS NOT AT ALL INTERESTED IN YOU. Respect yourself and kindly move on.  🙂 🙂
1. It takes him weeks or even months to call you up
2. He disappears for periods of time.
3. He may not even bother speaking with you and rely predominantly on emails, text messages, and instant messenger.
4. He is so ‘busy’, he has no time for the relationship. Nobody is that busy and when someone is genuinely interested they find the time.
5. He treats you like an option.
6. The relationship doesn’t progress – it goes in fits and starts, stalls, or goes into reverse.
7. He tends to be around/call you up when he wants something.
8. He send text messages, emails, or leave voicemails, and when you no doubt eagerly respond, he either take ages to reply or don’t bother at all.
9. He only has a sexual interest in you.
10. He never compliments you


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