Kant’s Idea for Universal History with a Cosmopolitan Aim



What I understand from the given reading is that, Kant is discussing about how individualism contributes towards the main stream society and its natural laws. He also agrees upon the idea of selfish nature of individuals but he claims that to have better society and to assure freedom for all we need a set of rules. These rules are not meant to take away any ones freedom instead they are evolved in a long run of a competitive society to make the lives easier and to help everyone to get maximum benefit from the society. Every new generation has more competitive society due to scarcity of resources and social rules also change with the time. Kant believes that new generations are more advance and developed than their ancestors. It is because with the time people get more experience and knowledge to make their lives comfy and better off. According to Kant the natural laws in the society are developed in the light of rational reasons and moral values which lead to a civilized society. In a civilized society the individual needs of the society are carried out in an interactive social setup and all the members savor the joy of freedom almost equally under the umbrella of natural laws.

A brief summary of my understanding of Kant’s article is that universal moral laws are deriving from natural law. He talks about how society develops with the passage of time and he also focuses on freedom for all under the certain nature law, which doesn’t allow individuals to misuse the power for their personal interest. He believes that the natural laws should be rational and moral because then only a society will be civilized. I wonder, do all moral laws are rational? Do all civilized societies are developed on the basis of moral and rational laws or some other factors do also counts towards development of any society?


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