The Early Marx: Estranged labour



In the article alienated labour Marx says that human and animal both have some very basic needs for survival such as, eating, drinking, shelter and in human case they also needs clothing. So the main thing which differentiates between human and animals is work. Marx believes that work makes us human and it gives us the uniqueness other than animals. Human do work out of their creativity and use their talent to be better off in a society. But with industrialization and privatization of land in early Europe work destroy workers instead of making their lives comfortable. He makes an argument that factory workers are alienated from their work. Workers are alienated because they can make products but they themselves can’t afford to buy those products. Workers are only paid little amount of money which they can only use to fulfill their animal needs, such as drinking, eating, shelter and clothing. Their humanly desires are not been fulfilled by that little amount of money which is paid by factor owners. Marx also argues that in factories labours are specialized in small meaningless jobs and make them work there for hours and hours. Due to this division of labour even interactions with other labours are very limited, which also alienates labours from each other. According to Marx human is free and active “specie being” and he makes things out of his freedom not due to force or need. Only animals produce things mere out of need. Marx believes that factory owners treat their workers as animals not humans. Workers are only pay to fill their empty stomach, their other needs are not considers by the factories owners. Workers are alienated from their products, from each other, from social life and from almost all of humanly desires.


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