Max Weber: The Protestant Ethics and the Spirit of Capitalism


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Weber has highlighted very important aspect of human life: religion, in terms of economics. Many philosophers have a very conservative view about religion but Weber has picked a very novel feature of religion in a very optimistic way. He talks how religion has shape our economic class and the career we choice. Marx says about religion that, “The first requisite for happiness of the people is the abolition of religion.” Weber also appreciates the drawbacks of religion and he also believes that religion sometimes was to oppress others, but at times it also leads to good social change for the welfare of marginalized and poor people. After observing the economic change in the Protestant populated regions Weber has very critically analyze how capitalism originated from religion and how it transforms the economic status of people. His focus was Protestant which is considered a more secular branch of Christianity. He compares Catholic Church and Protestant in terms of economic growth due to their certain believes about wealth and being a religious person. According to Catholic Church if you want to have a place in heaven you should help the needy. Charity is one of the biggest practices of Catholic Church whereas Protestant have believe to use all the resources for the betterment of human beings and one should earn as much as they can. Due to this believe the believers of Protestant are economically well being than others and they choice a jobs where they can earn more, because of which they have occupied most of the managerial positions.

What I understand from this whole debate about Catholic Church and Protestant is that in both wealth is important to have more power but in Catholic Church that wealth is concentrated  in the hands of church and whereas, in the Protestant the wealth is accumulated by the common people for their own well being.  At the end money gives power and due to which Catholic Church is powerful and in Protestant people are powerful and independent.


  1. If Protestant is Capitalist then can we say Catholic Church is communist?

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