Buddhism as an Andocentric Religious

Like most of the world major religions Buddhism is also andocentric and according to the writer Buddhism is quadruple andocentric. I think the main reason for Buddhism been andocentric is due to the conventional patriarchy of Indian society for thousands of years. Even though women were celebrated as goddesses in ancient Indian religions but the tradition of man as a powerful being was institutionalized in the society. Most of the religious activities were conduct by men and women were use as a means to fulfill the needs. The history and religious doctrines were recorded by men. Therefore, religious records reflect the viewpoints of the men, for the men and to the men about the men’s role, power, dignity, position, responsibility and importance in the religious activities. Very less or no records are collected from women in any religion including Buddhism about their perspective on religion and their spiritual journey to meet the enlightenment. In this way half of the population is ignored while writing religious records. Here the question arises that how accurate be such kind of records which didn’t include half of the population’s ideology, prospective and experience.  
According to many religious doctrines women can’t be given high religious position to lead the religious ceremonies because she is flawed and unsound. Here as a woman I wonder how come “a being” who is coming out of me, who has my genes and my traits, who is nature under me, who is part of me, is more splendid and magnificent than I am.  

Actually some men are power hunger and insecure; therefore, they flight with each other to have power. Such men look downwards on women to discourage them. They don’t want women to stand in the battlefield of “war of power” to make it more challenging for men. These men are called misogynists. I believe back then there were more misogynic men; therefore, history and religion is all dominated by men and women has less to say or to give her input in any major activity either religious or a social.


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