Why IS and other terrorists groups are formed in modern the world?

Hayat Boumeddiene 'appears in Islamic State film' - 06 Feb 2015

My understanding about the formation of extremists Islamic terrorists groups in various form across the globe may have two explanations. First possible explanation may be that the early days Islam was according to the guidance of Prophet and people were having lifestyle similar to the lifestyle of Prophet. After separate of Islam to various countries and civilizations out of Arab in different cultures came with new lifestyle which was totally different from the early days Islam. This create problem for the extremists who believe that Muslims should have a way of life according to teachings of Prophet. Here people are confused between religion and cultures which create conflict between believers and it also elicit problems with non-believers too. It is a problem of less acceptance of diversity in religion and confusing religious believes with cultural values out of Arab world. Second possible explanation may be that in most of the Muslim countries foreigner especially westerns invaded for not a rational reason and killed thousands of innocent people, children and women. The illegal domination of westerns become out of tolerance it evokes terrorists groups against westerner invasions and forceful occupations in Muslim regimes.


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