Guantanamo Bay


Guantanamo bay detention camp was established after 9/11 on the name of war on terror. This camp was created by Bush administration against Muslims similar to the concentration camps created by Hitler against Jews. Bush administration created Guantanamo detention camp to terrorized people; therefore, they displayed massive power and misused national and international legal laws to dehumanized suspects of terrorisms in order to prevent future undesirable acts against the United States. Most of the detainees are Muslims without any tangible evidence of involvement in terrorist activities. No legal trial or interrogation has been done before capturing any of the detainees from their home country.

Bush administration used naked power in order to safeguard sovereignty of the United State and one the examples is Guantanamo bay detention camp. A huge number of credible sources claim that most of the detainees are innocent people. Thus, I believe that Guantanamo was established by the United State to exhibit its absolute power overall nations. According to the US, Guantanamo was established to eradicate terrorism but ironically Guantanamo itself is a terrorist act against humanity and it violates human rights and human dignity. US justify inhuman torture and extreme humiliation of detainees while claiming that they are fighting back terrorism. I doubt that such acts compel people to do terrorist acts and this kind of cold behaviors from the US creates more US haters in the world.

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