Human Rights


  • All of us regardless of who we are and where are born, entitle to human rights. Human Rights are not privileges and can’t be granted or revoked, these are inalienable and universal therefore, promoting human rights is the essential to ensure peace and harmony.
  • United Nations: peace and security _ fundamental functions of UN _ indispensable to endorse and promote human rights
  • To protect people from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity, migration, disabilities, rights of women and children, sexual orientation, and the rights of various minorities, are being addressed
  • UN _ focuses on Political and civil liberty rights _ right to life and integrity, vote, religion _ protect from slavery, forced, labor, discrimination, torture.
  • Economic social and cultural human rights _ right to work, equality, vulnerable, standard of living. Rights of groups _ right to development, clean environment, peace.
  • Draw attention to a wide range of human rights issues.



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