The Development of Ego


Ego is not the intrinsic property of any individual. It develops like other behaviors later in life due to our actions and reactions to events in a certain way. Our thinking and approach to things from different angles gives birth to ego. The initial thinking process takes place in our brain, then from those contemplation cultures, civilizations and identifications emerges. Even though no material object has any intrinsic meaning yet cultures and societies categorize things into groups and give meanings to them. Labeling is not bad, it helps us in social communication but using these labels to identify and to discriminate beings according to our own biases generates iniquities. Labeling leads to judgments and negative thoughts about others. Ego develops because of our ignorance and development of ego enhances the ignorance. Ego comes from attachment to materials objects, it comes from identifying ourselves different from other, it comes from labeling others, and it comes from perceptions and interpretations about others. Thoughts are not evil, but our interpretations give birth to evilness and ignorance which makes us egocentric. As result, we trends to do gender, we start to categorize people in to caste, creed, race, and ethnic groups. Then we develop ideas of bad and good, rich and poor, ugly and beautiful, man and women, friends and enemies, and so on and on. These all groupings strength our ego and ignorance thus, we fail to achieve enlightenment.

According to Buddhist philosophy human brain is restless therefore it is difficult to control our thinking. Medication is a training of brain to keep it calm and peaceful. To lessen human suffering it is important to gain the peaceful state of mind. A peaceful brain is less discrimination and it is almost free of ego. In order to achieve enlightenment it is important requirement that one should have calm brain to concentrate on path of enlighten being and to come out from ignorance.


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