What is Violence?


Violence is to taken away choose to live the life according to ones will.

Violence means force or dominance. According to the given reading “An action can only assume the status of violence in the strict sense once it stands in a relation – in a moral relation.” It means that if something or some action is not according to our moral principles then it is called violence. Some kind of violence is legitimate therefore, not all kinds of violence are bad.

According to Benjamin two legal schools of thoughts are legitimate violence: “natural law” and “positive law.” Natural law is the set of values which are almost universal and everyone follow them. Natural laws are not written laws these has more to do with the moral values of human beings. On the other hand, positive laws are made by the state which are written laws and they can be varies from one state to other. According to the text, “natural law is often at issue when armed anti-hegemonic, anti-state, or anti-colonial struggles are to be legitimized.” And whereas, “positive law is normally put forward by the state in order to justify state repression” It means that the violence cause by people to get freedom from any dominance is legitimate violence under the natural law. The violence enforce by the state in order to ensure peace is also legitimate violence under positive law.

Bare life: when the rights of any one is reduce or taken away then his/her life is called bare life



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