Why UN established? Is it Successful?


  • Intergovernmental organization to promote international co-operation. League of Nations failed ( WWII) _ avoid misfortunes _ united Nations
  • Duties _ peacekeeping _ peace treaties _ towards democracy _ promote human rights _ providing humanitarian aid, devastated by war and disasters _ international security _ economic and social development _ political freedom
  • Achievements _ Food aid _ 104 million people in 80 countries/yr _ Aid to refugees _ Syria, Mali, Sudan _ Protecting children _ rights of children _ death rates decrease _ peacekeeping _ running elections _ reproductive health and population management _ drastically reduce infant maternal mortality
  • End conflict, foster reconciliation in Namibia, Tajikistan
  • Rwanda: These setbacks provided important lessons for the international community to deciding how and when to deploy and support UN peacekeeping to maintain international peace and security.



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