Bio: I am a student of Public Health. I love reading, writing, soft music; sometimes ghazals, dance, philosophy, poetry, history and innovation. I am a research freak who nearly Google each and every thing. I am a poet, a writer, a researcher, a feminist, a thinker, a social worker and above all a kind-hearted person. I love to have a meaningful and decent conversation about almost everything. I believe in equality, justice, love, respect, and freedom of speech and freedom of choice for everyone. Life is the beautiful gift of God and everyone deserves love and a better life. Everyone should have equal opportunities to savor the boon of God and have a happy life. People shouldn’t be judge by their caste, color, class, creed, race or any such thing. These all are man-made things which elicit discrimination among human beings. We should love and respect each other for sake of humanity. I believe that the real “ibadat and bandage” is to serve human beings without any kind of discrimination. I am an introvert person and writing helps me a lot to express my feelings with outer world. The greatest happiness of my life is to make someone happy... 🙂 Whoever is reading this please smile! 🙂

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  1. il neige sur Liège · December 30, 2014

    🙂 🙂

  2. Paul Handover · January 7, 2015

    Just wanted to thank you for your kind decision to start following Learning from Dogs. Much appreciated, Paul.

  3. Ray Laskowitz · January 8, 2015

    Thank you for following Storyteller. — Ray

  4. victoriadougherty · January 8, 2015

    Thank you so much for following me on Cold!

  5. jmsabbagh · January 8, 2015

    Beautiful Bio.Its a great virtue to put a smile on someone’s face or make someone happy.Thank you for following my blog.Happy new year.Looking forward to read your new posts.Jaalal

    • faridanaz · January 10, 2015

      Thank you so much for following my blog too 🙂 Have a wonderful year ahead.

  6. anna mosca · January 8, 2015

    smiling… thank you!

  7. Uncle Spike · January 12, 2015


    Here’s a little New Years message from Türkiye to say “thank you”. I appreciate your recent ‘follow’, knowing how many interesting and entertaining blogs there are out there.

    Blogging since June 2013, my little corner of the world tries to offer an eclectic smattering of posts, from basic amateur photography, to sharing my travel adventures over the decades, as well as day-to-day happenings here on our fruit farm in southern Turkey. I also throw in a few of my observations on life and lighter-hearted stuff for good measure.

    You are more than welcome to have a look around, stay a while and have a trawl through my collection. There are plenty of categories within the drop-down menus to help in said digging process. Of course, if you have any comments, suggestions or concerns, feel free to let me know – I’m not easily offended 🙂

    Hope you have a great day and even better 2015…


    • faridanaz · January 12, 2015

      Sure! I would love to see more from you 🙂
      Thank you and have a wonderful year!

  8. Writing to Freedom · January 13, 2015

    Thanks for following my blog. To freedom, friends and smiles! 🙂 Blessings, Brad

  9. yasniger · January 15, 2015

    Thanks for showing interest in what I put out too. I sincerely hope you continue to find my works entertaining & pleasurable. Be safe.

  10. Cody McCullough · January 17, 2015

    I smiled when I read your bio, and I feel better already.

  11. Pam · January 17, 2015


  12. Judy Amy · January 17, 2015

    Thanks for following my blog. I am looking forward to reading your posts! Cheers!

  13. Virgilio Gavia · February 17, 2015

    thanks for following. interesting site you have here.

  14. MiaMusings · February 18, 2015

    Thanks for stopping by and following my blog. Reading your’s and smiling 🙂

  15. RD · February 18, 2015

    Hi there, and thank you for following my blog; hope you will find it entertaining and readable.

  16. markbialczak · February 19, 2015

    Thank you for following my blog, Farid. I enjoy making people smile, too. Have a great day. 🙂

    • faridanaz · February 19, 2015

      You welcome Mark! Happy to know about you 🙂

  17. Laissez Faire · February 19, 2015

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I like what I see on yours so far and I will be back !

  18. Muzzy · February 21, 2015

    G’day Faridanaz ,
    Just dropped in to thank you for your visit and follow, both are very much appreciated, I will 🙂 first then continue to look around your site, promise I won’t touch anything 😉

    • faridanaz · February 21, 2015

      Thank you so much! Love ❤ Farida

  19. iku2e · February 23, 2015

    thanks for stopping by 🙂

  20. curtisbausse · February 23, 2015

    Thanks for following my blog. I will be back to explore. And to smile 🙂

    • faridanaz · February 23, 2015

      Welcome and thank you for following back. 🙂

  21. TheDailyScrap · February 23, 2015

    Thank you for following The Occidental Vegan. Look forward to reading more of your blog ~

  22. Rich · February 26, 2015

    Thanks for following FictionBin earlier on. You have a wonderful blog here!

  23. The WheatandTares · February 27, 2015

    Thanks for the follow. I look forward to reading more of your blog. Your writings are intriguing. 🙂

    • faridanaz · February 27, 2015

      Thanks for a nice compliment! 🙂

  24. Herman · March 4, 2015

    Hi there. Thank you for visiting and following HoB. Much appreciated!

    • faridanaz · March 4, 2015

      Thanks to visiting my blog too! 🙂

  25. isaiahiwatkins · March 4, 2015

    Thanks for following Blackbird! Keep writing and smiling on!

  26. Bams Triwoko · March 5, 2015

    Hi there… glad to connect and interact with you.
    Thanks for dropping by and following my blog.. 🙂
    Greeting from Jogjakarta, Indonesia.

    • faridanaz · March 5, 2015

      Welcome! and thank you to follow back my blog. Greetings from Pakistan 🙂

  27. milliethom · March 11, 2015

    Hi Faridanaz. Just to let you know, I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.I really love your hard-hitting posts. If you choose to accept, which I hope you do, the rules are on my post. 🙂

    • faridanaz · March 12, 2015

      OMG! Thank you so much it is a great honor for me ❤ I would love to 🙂

      • milliethom · March 12, 2015

        Your posts are extremely inspirational, Fardanaz! I’m so pleased you’ve accepted.

  28. Su Leslie · March 17, 2015

    Thanks for following Shaking the Tree; much appreciated.

  29. Su Leslie · March 18, 2015

    Wow! Thanks for following ZimmerBitch too 🙂

  30. Daniel O'Hara · March 20, 2015

    Hi. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. I hope you enjoy my poems. I look forward to exploring your site some more.

  31. chiaink · March 31, 2015

    Thanks for following my blog. Smiling!

  32. Victoria C. Slotto · April 5, 2015

    I’m smiling. Thank you for following me.

  33. Nancy Loderick · April 26, 2015


    Thanks so much for the blog follow. It has led me to your blog, which I am now following.

    I just love learning about new places and cultures!

    I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    Happy blogging!


    • faridanaz · April 26, 2015

      Thank you Nancy to follow be back 🙂 Happy to have you 🙂

  34. wingedprisms · April 27, 2015

    Thank you so much for the follow – 😀 😀 😀
    cate b

  35. Angeline M · May 1, 2015

    Thanks for following my blog. I’ve skimmed through a few of your more recent posts, and find this a very interesting blog, that I’ll enjoy reading.

  36. Sketchuniverse · August 2, 2015

    I love the quote by Katharine Hepburn. Thanks for sharing and congrats for your interesting site. Best wishes 😉

  37. Amreen Bashir Shaikh · September 19, 2015

    Hey! Awesome blog! Thank u for the follow! Needed to connect, but didn’t found your contact email! Kindly please drop your email id on painttheworldwithwords@gmail.com

    • faridanaz · September 19, 2015

      Dear Amreen Thank you so much. 🙂 I will be happy to connect you. 🙂

  38. Lynda · September 24, 2015

    What a very powerful blog you have, Faridanaz. Thank you for visiting me so that I could learn more about you and what you do.

    • faridanaz · September 24, 2015

      Lynda Thank yo so much. It means a lot to me 🙂

  39. AprilEsutton · September 30, 2015

    Thank you for following April’s Perspective. I enjoyed your blog also. I look forward to learning more about your world.

    • faridanaz · September 30, 2015

      Welcome! nice to have you on my blog 🙂

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